2010 X-Runner Turbo Build

Do the downpipes need to be removed for the O2 sensor bung install? Nope, you can weld it on from under the car. Just drill a hole and weld on the bung. How far back from the turbo is the sensor? How is the wiring routed? Any other tips on the wiring? Wrap the cord in heat shield because one burned in the engine bay. How is the RPM pickup attached? You have to solder it in.

2001 Lexus Is300 Turbo **built 2jzge, Aem V2 Ems, Borg Warner S366, Ssr Sp1’s** on 2040-cars

I’m using a set of circuit sport lines, but after having to modify these, I really just should have gone custom. Unfortunately I don’t have a good picture of how they’re routed. The pulley for the alternator wouldn’t sit lower enough because of this raised lip, they said their should’ve been a spacer with the kit but then it would’ve moved the pulley out, so off with the lip.

The circuit sports one wasn’t so I used the stock pulley, those guys are jokes. Went with all ACT, the 11 lb flywheel and a heavy duty full face disc. I will make a note here about my messup with the flywheel bolts.

Nov 07,  · I have vacuum line coming off the turbo to the inlet of the boost t then to the bottom port on my Tial 38mm wastegate. It said to just leave the top port vented to the atmosphere.

I’ve got a Tial 38mm wastegate on my setup. I have noticed that when I am boosting I get somewhat “spikey” boost, it never really stays consistent. I believe it’s due to the previous owner hooking up the wastegate incorrectly. Currently the side port is hooked to a vacuum line going to the IM, with a manual boost controller on that same line. As per the Tial installation instructions the side port should be attached to the charge pipe in front of the throttle body.

What’s the reason for this, and is it something that MUST be done for correct operation. Can it be run attached to the manifold as it is now? Second order of business. It says the top port of the wastegate can be vented to atmosphere which it is now , unless using a boost controller which I am , where you should have the boost controller attached to the top port and then teed back in to the side ports line. Is the boost controller hooked up to just the side port line like mine is now even doing anything, does it have controller over a damn thing?

Thanks in advance for the insight from the gurus. I have already ordered a spare Tial air fitting to at least install the boost controller as per the instructions. You currently have 0 posts.

One more step

Unfortunately, at the end of the last run, we noticed the idle had gone haywire. It stumbled right after start-up, and then revved and died repeatedly, until it finally settled in at around rpm. We pointed this out to the tuner, and — for whatever reason, maybe it was closing time and he wanted to go home — he claimed he hadn’t done anything to cause the change.

It has a unique 4 bolt design that is backwards compatible with the old TiAL F40 wastegate. This is the perfect wastegate for those that need a bit better diaphragm to valve ratio over the 44mm. The F41 is no longer in production, after the current stock is depleted no more will be made.

Wastegate Spring Upper Housing There are two factors to consider when it comes to choosing an external wastegate-the first is valve size which is how many wastegates are generally described; for instance, “a 46mm wastegate. The valve, usually made of stainless-steel to survive the high-heat environment of the engine compartment, is forced open by the gate’s internal diaphragm. The valve reacts to pressure piped in from the compressor side of the turbo system. The point at which the diaphragm opens the valve is determined by the unit’s spring rate.

The spring rate is also the base boost level of the gate. It should be noted that boost controllers can double the rated spring pressure of the external wastegate.


It’s sold by d2power on Ebay and shipped from Hong Kong. But it’s a fully closed-loop controller, with automatic gain adjust, a temperature compensated pressure sensor, and a quality USA made MAC solenoid. However, I was still somewhat skeptical that something this inexpensive relative to the other controllers on the market would work well. I searched on-line to see what kind of experience others have had with this EBC and there wasn’t much, but what I did find was positive.

It took about one and a half weeks to arrive from Hong Kong.

Jan 01,  · A turbo system’s wastegate is like a sentry constantly pacing the boundaries, keeping the flow of boost in check. It prevents the turbo from overboosting by bleeding off exhaust gases, or more.

August 24, After re-setting lash to fix the “sewing machine” emanations from the engine, I realized the cooling system was, uh, poorly modified to say the least. The PO had slanted the top of the radiator so that it was in front of the core support and cut the stock hood so it had a Ford GT style vent down into the engine bay. Since that would completely interfere with the upper radiator hose, they did an Autozone-special and hacked together a “U” shaped rad hose.

Needless to say it didn’t work, etc. Most of the engine had stuff like that, even though the engine had been rebuilt with head studs and decent bearings, etc. I basically pulled everything and started over. I bought a ZXT powerplant and swiped the turbo oilpan, valvecover and manifold from it. I built my own 3″ aluminum pipes, bought an ebay 24″x12″x4″ intercooler, Holset, etc. Basically here’s what it has at the moment: Completely rewired chassis and engine harnesses with new fusebox and toggle switch gear, GM 1-wire alternator, 4 gauge battery wires from rear-mounted Odyssey PC battery and billet battery hold-down FUEL: It connects to the Holset turbo through a 4″ v-band which is tapered to 3″.

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Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks M3TurboCa , I guess when he reads this he will chime in or send him a message.

Oct 04,  · How to setup a Tial MV-R Wastegate with spring colors and how to. Sorry for quality orientation. Shot on my phone. here is the spring guide from Tial. http:/.

Posted 16 February – No turbo spins up faster than a disconnected wastegate vacuum signal. There’s your spoolup and power gains. No wastegate creep with EBC’s, which hinders spoolup characteristics and can mess with your fuel trims depending on your setup. That’s always an option, but people here don’t do it. Something similar with a pressure relief valve and regulator: Which brings me to my next point.

MBC’s also don’t always hold the same psi all the way to redline like EBC’s can, where the wastegate opening must be reduced to hold steady boost pressure. MBC’s offer nothing to combat this as far as I know. How about temperature variations?

Chapter 30 – Flight Testing – part Deux

Chapter 30 – Flight Testing – part Deux Introduction When the 40 hours was done I decided that my Cozy project was essentially complete and the need for a daily log of events was at an end. This web site had been created to relate my experiences during construction for the benefit of other builders, not document my entire life. When I posted the “final” chapter I received quite a few emails and phone calls from people who were suffering withdrawal symptoms.

My response was to apologized for the trauma and encouraged these people to get on with their own dreams. Still the complaints kept coming.

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Synapse Engineering 40mm External Wastegate Fit and Finish The 40mm wastegate flange is a direct bolt on to any Tial 35mm or 38mm wastegate flange which is a huge plus when upgrading from one of those which was the scenario here. Installation Installation was extremely easy. All hardware was included studs, locknuts, etc. We fitted the wastegate with the supplied stiffer spring which in conjunction with using a combination of the multiple ports on the wastegate eliminates the need for a boost controller.

There are mulitple port combinations on the wastegate that will yield different boost settings. We chose to use the combination that yielded 20psi. Overall Impression We are extremely satisfied with the product. It is a great alternative to the more expensive brands on the market. The wastegate has several options on it that allow me to say that I would prefer it over the other brands.

With the boost control options and the fact that it holds rock steady at your desired boost level it is a huge benefit to the consumer.

Tial Wastegate 38mm hookup, FPR Hook UP

When boost exceeds the preset target, the wastegate will bleed off any additional boost. A malfunctioning or improperly assembled wastegate can cause a variety of boost issues. Wastegate Design Two types of wastegates exist as of Built onto the turbocharger housing and typically found in smaller turbochargers, internal wastegates use a diaphragm that responds to boost pressure provided by a boost line. External wastegates are much larger units designed to withstand high boost levels by using a valve instead of a diaphragm design.

TiAL® Sport Inc. USA takes pride in establishing its company reputation by designing the highest quality engineered products for today’s performance turbo charging systems market.

The larger intake increases cubic air volume as well as decreases air inlet restriction. A win win, supercharge your supercharger and give it more air! Fits all Supercharged 4-Tec Models. This procedure is part of the mass center balancing process. The small grooves do not in any way impede or hinder the compressor wheels ability to efficiently pump or compress air. Precision balancing will significantly increase bearing life, promote better clutch performance, extend clutch life through decreased clutch slippage, and increase horsepower performance.

Precision machined from tool grade steel to increase durability. Will not break up and damage engine at end of service life. Proper clutch torque slippage tuning will extend clutch life. The wide range of adjustability will accommodate any manufacturers suggested clutch setting specification from old school stock 7 P.

Kit arrives complete with a specific setup chart diagram displaying how to set the clutch to achieve a specific torque slip setting.

Oil Catch Can Install Guide

Dual AVCS problems built motor. I went to get the car tuned and the tuner noticed one of the intake cams AVCS was not a responsive as the other. So the problem solenoid was removed and cleaned, mechanic also attempted to remove the cam gear to clean it also but couldn’t get the bolt off and stripped the allen head. Turbo up pipe formed a crack and had to be first repaired welding MAY have occurred with battery hooked up.

Oct 14,  · If using electronic boost controller (wastegate control type):Get one signal from anywhere after turbo before TB and connect it directly to the side port of the WG. Get another signal from after turbo and before TB and route it through the EBC’s solenoid and connect it to the top port.

Twitter The question we often hear from customers about turbochargers or turbo kits in general is the age old debate of internal vs external wastegates. Which wastegate should I choose? Which wastegate is best? These are all questions in the Internal vs External Wastegates debate that vary on the usage and intended purpose of your vehicle. If your vehicle came equipped with a turbocharger from the factory, chances are you have an internal wastegate.

While the design is simple and easy to maintain, the shortcomings of the internal wastegate can become dangerous especially when turning up the boost. Wastegates are designed to bleed positive exhaust gases away from the turbo, therefore controlling boost and allowing the tuner to dial in the proper ignition and fuel parameters. Internal wastegates are built into the exhaust housing of the turbo directly, for overall cost efficiency and ease of install.

External wastegates are plumbed into the exhaust manifold or 02 housing of the vehicle to bleed pressure away and control boost. Aftermarket gauges are a must on any turbo vehicle. In most instances however the OEM manufacturer has accounted for such measures and can usually size the internal wastegate flapper size accordingly.

One more step

Knows Some Stuff About ‘s! Sat Jan 27, Watch it with the 12psi on a T They become heat factories quite easily, and eventually do more harm then good. True, ill turn it up to 12psi only if really needed and not for more than 5min. Yeah, you’re not unserstanding.

Sep 05,  · For the Tial Wastegate, hook up the bottom port to a boost controller (leave the top port open). On the other end of the boost controller connect it to a boost source (either a nipple on the turbo’s compressor and a nipple on the J-pipe).

November 7, 6 hours ago, Tightmopedman9 said: The point of having two ports on the wastegate is so that you can run a lower spring pressure and have boost pressure assit in keeping the wastegate closed. If you’re running a 3 port wastegate solenoid, then you should only use one wastegate port. Pressure to the top port of the wastegate acuator keeps the wastegate shut, pressure to the bottom opens it. In the configuration you have posted the ports 1 and 2 are connected until you want to start opening the wastegate, at which point 2 is connected to port 3 and the pressure signal on the bottom of the wastegate opens the wastegate.

I’m not sure why you would have it hooked up this way. It would be simpler and just as effective to place a filter on the top port and then treat the bottom port the same as you do a normal external wastegate actuator. If I were you I would use a 4 port acutator and use a very light wastegate spring. You will be able to have pressure at only the top port of the wastegate, and then switch this pressure signal to the bottom of the wastegate when you want the wastegate to open.

This will give you very good boost control. I didn’t buy the solenoid as yet so I’m all for the 4 port solenoid. I’m well aware how the top and bottom wastegate ports work, I was just trying to find the optimum configuration for a 3 port solenoid since I was ignorant to the existence of 4 port solenoids for boost control. I’ll be purchasing the 4 port shortly. Thanks for the advice guys.

HOW TO: TIAL MV-R 44MM Wastegate Setup