How do I connect the front panel lights on my NZXT guardian case

Length 5 Years Limited Do note: Phanteks also advertises the 30 mm clearance for cables behind the motherboard tray. When a manufacturer specifies those clearances you can make better buying choices. When the cardboard was removed, the carton was revealed. The front showed a handsome picture of the case. The reverse showed a number of the ways you can use this case, along with some of its more unusual features. The end cap unreels the long list of specs for this case. The pieces were cut for this case, then glued together. Not the cheapest way to pack something, but a case this heavy would pulverize Styrofoam. Under the top layer of foam you can see the plastic bag that further protects this case.

NZXT Phantom case: lotsa airflow and perks.

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The Phantom case fans are pre-connected to the built in fan controller on the case. You do not need to connect them to the motherboard unless you want to use your motherboard for voltage control.

We start off by laying our system on its side. To prep your system for install, make sure that your CPU is clean of any old thermal paste and other debris. The very first thing you need to do, is prep the backplate by putting the metal inserts into place. You can also prep this by putting a double sided pad on, but for me, I would rather not do that.

The mounting screws are held in place with two plastic inserts that go on the retention ring. Follow the directions for your CPU socket type. Before doing any mounting, I would highly recommend putting the retention ring and clip in place, along with the mounting screws. This will save you some of the annoyance that you might get when trying to do this inside your system with the radiator mounted. Here is one more shot: Following the NZXT instructions that were included with both Kraken coolers for radiator mounting, the picture for mounting these coolers in your case is a pull configuration.

Phanteks Enthoo Primo Full Tower Case Review

We want the finest wines available to humanity. And we want them here, and we want them now! Cobra Cobra 5 years ago 3 The CPU fans could be daisy chained together depending on wattage limitations. I normally see dual CPU fans ran at the same speed so they don’t fight each other to flow well. Gietzy Gietzy Topic Creator 5 years ago 4 One other issue is that the 2 fans on my cpu cooler are of the 4 pin variety and my fan controller only accepts 3 pin connectors.

Can someone direct me to a converter preferably a UK site but anywhere is fine.

Oct 08,  · The NZXT H comes with a case fan controller where you can plug all three front facing fans and the rear exhaust fan into. These fans work properly for the moment, but I have no idea how to go about controlling these fans.

Strangely NZXT had the power, temperature and fan cables already connected to the controller card. The 8-pin interface cable uses the same Molex mini-fit connections as an ATX or PCI-Express power connector, but the patterns do not match up with any other connectors probably to avoid any nasty connection mistakes. At seven feet long just over 2m the interface cable should give you plenty of length to place the controller wherever you want on your desk.

Moving on to the fan cables, there are exactly five included and each has numbered labels. They are approximately two feet long. It would have been nice if they used standard male AND female connections, so you could hook up your fans directly to the controller, but it is not a major issue. The only real problem I foresee with these cables is they will not accommodate 4-pin PWM fan connections such as on CPU coolers without modification.

For power, it has a Molex pass-through cable. The temperature probes, much like the fan cables, all have numbered labels on them and are about two feet long. When you first take them out they are all attached in a ribbon; however, they pull apart effortlessly. NZXT was kind enough to include two extra temperature probes just in case you lose or break one.

The controller card itself mounts in an open expansion slot on your case.

NZXT Phantom Enthusiast Full Tower Case

Se le pueden agregar y mejorar algunas cosas, como a todo, pero son detalles basados en gustos de cada uno. The Phantom has definitely made an impression on us and we would gladly recommend this case to anyone. At the price it is hard for other cases to match what the Phantom offers.

NZXT is a leading manufacturer of computer cases, cooling, motherboards, RGB lighting and fan control, empowering the PC gaming community with refined hardware solutions since

I purchased the Kraken X60 to cool it. I hemmed and hawed a bit over the purchase. I hate USB connections for coolers or fans. I also bought some noctua fans to replace the originals, based on my experience with noctua and the reviews which universally panned the kraken fans when they’re at high speeds.

Note that they don’t usually ever need to go to a high speed, but if they do, they can be noisy. Anyhow, everything seems cool. My fan speed, in the nzxt monitor program, shows 0, but they’re spinning. It wasn’t always reading zero. I’ve done a lot of reboots, as I add hardware. Also, there is no cpu temperature reading. A bit of sleuthing turned up the need to download and run a hardware monitor beta 0.

That provides the nzxt utility with the cpu temps. If you close that third party program, nzxt’s kraken software only reads the water temp.

NZXT Sentry LX Fan Controller

The mm fans at the bottom come with the wires tied together to keep them tidy. Looking at the larger mesh section, you can see there are mounting holes for a mm fan as well as holes for even a mm fan to be installed. Inside the Phantom there is a lot to absorb. For now let’s just cover the points that the hardware is tied into the optical drives and under one of the hard drive trays you can find the instructions.

In the front half we get tool-less clips to mount our 5.

So maybe I’m an idiot but to me it seems like you can only have 2 things being powered by the Hue+ at once. I bought two AER RGB fans and I want.

Sep 19, Decided to go with a Red and Black theme rather than the included blue lighting. Added custom water cooling using mostly XSPC parts – which were highly rated and work very well. C self contained CPU cooler 1x mm fan to a custom 3x mm Koolance radiator setup. I modded the top beam drilled 4 holes to fit the 3x mm Koolance radiator with three Cooler Master R4 series Red fans to push the air up through the radiator and out the top. Used distilled water and a silver coil as recommended by this [H] forum.

Everything runs very smooth. Can’t hear the pump and no vibrations or other flaws. It surpassed my expectations and really lowered the temps of my CPU. I also put two more CM R4 Red’s on the side panel and the back exhaust. I then put the white NZXT fans that came with the case from the side door up top to pull the hot air from the radiator and out the top mesh vent. Great airflow and all components are nice and cool.

Picked up some wheels at Home Depot and put them on the bottom as this case goes on the floor. Case loaded up is a bit heavy, so the wheels help it roll around real nice. Not seen in the pics of the inside loop is the Blood Red Dye added to change the distilled water red – which you can see in the picture of the front of the case in the reservoir.

NZXT Phantom case: lotsa airflow and perks.

Dude, do i still need the backplate on sabertooth z87? Stupid question but, if you install the radiator on an exhaust fan will the computer still take out air as effectively? My kraken caught part of my motherboard on fire from the CPU fan 1 so now i got the kraken in just a system fan 1 header and it works just fine.. Probably a stupid question.. But can you install the radiator to the fan with the tubes going to the top of the case instead of hanging onto the graphics card?

Do I need to change liquid?

The included 3 intake fans and exhaust fan are preconnected to it. I see 3 other cables that aren’t connected to anything. A molex header of some sort, a 4 pin cable labelled “extension” and a cable with 4 sockets labelled “pwm cable”.

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NZXT Sentry LXE Review

The software allows you to program, customize and monitor this all-in-one liquid cooling solution for your processor. Armed with two mm PWM fans and a nice mm radiator the performance should be really good, and with the CAM software you can monitor temperatures, adjust cooling performance and customize LED lighting directly from your desktop. You know, in the world of CPU coolers nothing ever stops developing.

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Comment This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Or are you just so paranoid that you feel compelled to check that everything inside your case is cool and collected? Simply put, the Sentry LXE is a two-piece system that lets you monitor the temperature of up to five components and adjust the speed of up to five fans, all using an external touch-screen unit. Just pop the included battery into the temperature controller, then install that in any free expansion slot.

Tape any of the five temperature probes onto the components you want to monitor, then hook up your three-pin fans to the five connectors extending from the card. The external touch screen, which measures 4. You can press one of the numbers to select that channel to modify the temperature alarm, or switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit readings on the display.

Phanteks Enthoo Primo Full Tower Case Review

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Nzxt Phantom how to connect the case fans? techdude9 Dec 27, , AM So I got my PC all set up, and going from a cm haf to a NZXT Phantom , and the way you connect the case fans.

UK Price as reviewed: The excuses for some, such as Corsair and NZXT the latter does include them with some of its cases is that they offer all-in-one liquid coolers with automatic fan control. However this doesn’t always solve the issue in cases sporting a number of fans or if you just want to quickly flick a switch or tweak a dial to boost cooling or kill noise. Thankfully, fan controllers are available in all different shapes and sizes these days and you don’t need to break the bank to afford one either.

Yes you can go all out with an all-singing, all-dancing automatic bit of kit such as the Lamptron CW , but for less than half the price you can own a manual one too. NZXT’s range of fan controllers is pretty extensive already, but the Sentry Mix 2 flies the flag of the company’s budget range. It’s equipped with six sliders that correspond to each of the controller’s six channels. Each of these can handle a sizeable 30W simultaneously, with a combined wattage of up to W. That’s a lot of fans!

Of course you could hook up pumps or other devices that are happy with variable voltages. Click to enlarge Something that pleased us on opening the box is that NZXT has pre-fitted all the necessary cables, which are also cable-tied and tucked into two clips in the base of the 5. It’s certainly a heck of a lot neater than if we’d done it ourselves and as all the connectors are labelled too, installation and wiring up all your fans shouldn’t take long at all.

Click to enlarge The unit is powered by two 4-pin molex connectors at the end of a proprietary cable. All the fan connectors support 4-pin or 3-pin fans while all the connectors involved are decidedly chunky and over-sized – the same can be said for the power circuitry, which sports probably the biggest capacitors we’ve seen outside of a PSU.

NZXT Grid Fan Splitter Unboxing & Overview